About us


Ever Wild was founded in 2012 by Ramod Sunar, who began his working life as a jungle guide. Hard work and determination has made him achieve his dream of starting a tour company that offers the very best of Nepal experience and help to keep the wildlife and nature of Chitwan alive.


Ever Wild is run by a small local team of dedicated, experienced, licensed and passionate local guides. The owner and guides come from the populations that have been living in and around the jungle for generations. Due to this ancestral proximity, we are the inheritors of a rich knowledge of the jungle ecosystem and environment, something that will enrich your tour with us. But more than this, the beauty and soul of the natural environment and wildlife is part of who we are. We want to share this magical place with you!


In addition to operating tours, Ever Wild is involved in a number of conservation and awareness initiatives:

  • We don’t organise elephant rides, which are very tiring for the animals and we always bring that to tourists’ and locals’ attention.
  • We co- organise and take part in cleanliness programs, which keeps the local nature garbage-free, wildlife healthy and local villagers aware of the importance of being eco-friendly.
  • We take part in Tiger Awareness programs at schools organised by ” Tiger Conservation sub committee team ” (TCSC) to aware students about the risks, value , conservation effort and challenges of endangered species Royal Bengal Tiger.


Ever Wild has always been and always will be a customer-centered company. We listen to exactly what you want, whilst sharing some of our own experience, expertise and suggestions. We offer an impeccable, friendly, local and personalized service for a trip of a life time in Nepal.


Only our effort in conservation is not sufficient as it requires a lot of budget for better conservation. But visitors like you, are playing great role in conservation field. All the money you pay for Park Permit directly goes to the park which really helps in conservation process. Also you are helping to meet our goal of conservation and protection. Not only the wild animals but also local villagers gets support from your visit. Due to your visit local people are also getting job which helps them in their financial and their livelihood. Every year park collects huge amount of budget and 30- 50% of their total budget is provided to the buffer zone/community forest. Community forest Invest that money in different village developmental works.


Ramod started to work at a very young age, combining job responsibilities with school and studies. He put a lot of effort into educating and rising the awareness of importance of wildlife and nature. As a senior naturalist with 12 years of experience and conservationist in Sauraha, he is involved in many programs and activities, which protect the environment. He really appreciates interesting conversations with his trip companions and he is also a big enthusiast of photography. You can be sure he will plan your trip perfectly and you will come back home more knowledgeable and  with lots of amazing memories.